Self defense classes. Firearms instruction. Home safety and personal protection. The need for training in these areas are becoming more important every day. The New Jersey Personal Defense Academy (NJPDA) was founded to address a need in the self-defense/personal protection industry: the need for a teachable system of time-tested, practical and effective principles that can be used by “regular” people to defend and protect life.

As an organization, our primary focus is teaching essential protection, safety and awareness skills to those who value their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

As instructors, our primary objective is developing confidence through training so students are better prepared to persevere through challenging situations that endanger their safety and well-being.

Why Train With Us?

home safety and personal protection

Don’t Be a Victim!

It’s easy to forget about the hidden dangers lurking around corners and in dark alleys as we go through our daily routines. This is actually a good thing; no one wants to live a life of paranoia and fear, assuming every stranger or circumstance is a potential threat.

But that does not mean dangers don’t exist.

Bad things do happen: home invasions, muggings, assault, stolen identity, rape, domestic violence… we’ve all seen the statistics. Media outlets report on violence daily, and by all indications these problems are becoming even more frequent and widespread. It’s not a simple case of trying to deal with these situations when they happen; how you deal with them greatly depends on how well you are prepared for them. With no training, you are essentially relying on luck. (How many of us have won the lottery?) With proper training, you can return home, everyone being happy that you are there.

This is where New Jersey Personal Defense Academy can help.

Key Concepts

Our courses, workshops, seminars and private lessons equip students with all of the tools, knowledge and physical skills needed to effectively deal with these situations. Because no two people learn the same way, personalized instruction ensures that our students learn the way they need to learn as individuals, not with cookie-cutter solutions and generic step-by-step routines.

Martial arts training

Applying the princples

Principles, Not Techniques

Most martial arts, self-defense and defensive tactics programs focus on techniques; techniques are easy to teach, easy to learn, and easy to reproduce. Use x move to get out of y hold. If the attacker does 123, you do 456. While this may appear to be effective when taught by schools and instructors who espouse that training methodology, NJPDA takes an approach where techniques are the last piece of the puzzle. A technique may be easy to teach and learn, but that technique cannot be used effectively if done at the wrong time, in the wrong situation, or done to a person that doesn’t react the way you expected. As such, techniques – contrary to common belief – come last.

We believe that the underlying principles of why techniques work are more important than the techniques themselves; therefore, we concentrate on the principles.

Traditional Training, Modern Application

Our lineage is traced back through an unbroken line spanning over 1,000 years of Japanese martial history. Coupled with the experience of our instructors in conflict resolution, combatives, self-defense, a wide variety of weapons systems and firearms instruction, we effectively combine both old and new training methodologies into a curriculum that is applicable and practical for self and others protection in today’s society.

Eliminate Normalcy Bias

When faced with a traumatic situation, many untrained people fall back to what is essentially called “the freeze.” It’s the “this can’t be happening” syndrome, causing them to lock up physically, mentally and emotionally and put themselves in harm’s way. Normalcy Bias is the term we apply to this response, and our training is uniquely positioned to teach our students how to eliminate the freeze in favor of their natural, instinctive response.

Ganbatte (Keep Going!) 

Josh Sager
Josh SagerFounder
Firearms and Martial Arts – 10th degree black belt, NRA Certified Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Certified Glock Armorer