About Craig Gray

Craig Gray is a 30+ year martial arts veteran, speaker, trainer and Subject Matter Expert (SME) for numerous mental health care organizations, schools and law enforcement agencies as well as Nationally Syndicated Military Talk Radio Show Frontlines of Freedom & ABC Affiliate WZZM 13 web community. Craig is responsible for creating the Michigan Commission of Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) approved Self Defense for Law Enforcement Training Program. He also owns the Ronin Empowerment Group an organization that teaches empowerment, risk management and conflict management skills; he is the head instructor of Ronin Martial Arts Academy; serves as education director for Her Survival Guide and is an associate with Resolution Group International - a conflict resolution training organization developed for the needs of military, law enforcement and business organizations. To get in touch with Craig, you can visit his websites: Ronin Krav Maga and Ronin Empowerment Group

Krav Maga: So One May Walk in Peace

Unless you've been living under a rock you have probably heard of the hottest system of self defense to hit the scene called Krav Maga. For those of you out there who haven’t heard about it, it is the official hand to hand combat system used by the Israeli Military. It was designed to be stupid simple and brutally effective.

Alpha and Omega: Conflict Management

When Josh asked me to write an article for his website I was excited to contribute. From what I've seen, Josh is a talented martial artist and a fine instructor. For decades, he has been both practicing and sharing skills that not only save lives, but also make life more enjoyable to live. The physical preparation that is involved in learning martial arts or any type of tactical training is only one facet of a broader and deeper subject. I often say that physical defensive tactics are the alpha and omega of conflict management. In other words, the beginning and end.