The AR “black gun” has quickly become the most popular firearms platform among recreational shooters, sportsmen, hunters and personal protection firearms owners. With an entire industry developed around this style of semi-automatic carbine, the need for a solid training foundation is paramount for getting the most out of your favorite rifle. Our Carbine Confidence I course is specifically designed to develop good techniques and set you on your way to becoming a skilled carbine operator.

In this introductory course we start, naturally, from the very beginning. Our aim is to promote a strong, fundamental understanding of how a carbine operates and how to accurately and effectively shoot, move and address common malfunctions.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Zeroing optics
  • Stance, grip, posture, shooting positions
  • Trigger and breath control
  • Speed and Accuracy drills
  • Tactical, speed and administrative reloading
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Shooting adjustment for distance
  • Tactical Movement and Maneuver
  • Accessories, setup and maintenance

Course Details

Class Size: 1-6 people (can accommodate more for private groups)
Cost: $300
Duration:  4 hours
Required Equipment:  carbine, three magazines (NJ legal), 300 rounds ammunition, knee pads, sling, magazine holster(s), hat, eye and ear protection, weather-appropriate clothing

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