Conflict Resolution

Top Five Favorite Martial Arts Books

I am what you would call an avid reader. Some would even say my reading habit borders on a reading obsession since at any one time I can be found to have at least three, sometimes four books going simultaneously. I have several on my nightstand next to my bed, a couple on the coffee table downstairs, one or two on the kitchen counter and, of course, my bathroom book. So when NJPDA asked me to write a guest blog post on my Top Five Favorite Martial Arts books, I was, shall we say, more than psyched to do it!

Alpha and Omega: Conflict Management

When Josh asked me to write an article for his website I was excited to contribute. From what I've seen, Josh is a talented martial artist and a fine instructor. For decades, he has been both practicing and sharing skills that not only save lives, but also make life more enjoyable to live. The physical preparation that is involved in learning martial arts or any type of tactical training is only one facet of a broader and deeper subject. I often say that physical defensive tactics are the alpha and omega of conflict management. In other words, the beginning and end.

Join Our New Google+ Community

As NJPDA ramps things up for 2013, I’ve created a new Google+ community called “Personal Defense and Protecting Others.” I envision this community being a great resource for instructors, students and interested citizens alike. Organic is the key, and so over time the community will itself dictate how it’s used and what information is […]