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Where is the Crime in Your Area?

We talk a lot about normalcy bias, awareness and using common sense. But when it comes to really having a grasp on protecting yourself and others, how aware are you of the crime in your area? I mean really aware.

Normalcy Bias: Cause, Effect, Cure

That could never happen. What is happening? This isn't happening. This can't be happening. Yes... it's happening.

Pronia and Abdication

If you ask any person, “would you protect yourself if attacked?” or “would you protect a loved one from violence?” the answer is usually YES! But ask that same person to keep in shape, dedicate some time to study with a qualified teacher of combatives/martial arts, or simply set some time aside to visit a seminar or training course on the subject and pretty quickly you will see the positive numbers drop.

Join Our New Google+ Community

As NJPDA ramps things up for 2013, I’ve created a new Google+ community called “Personal Defense and Protecting Others.” I envision this community being a great resource for instructors, students and interested citizens alike. Organic is the key, and so over time the community will itself dictate how it’s used and what information is […]

Welcome to the New Jersey Personal Defense Academy

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Our organization (and this website) is the result of over thirty years of experience, research and training. Our mission is to provide substantive information on keeping you and those you love safe and secure. We offer several training opportunities in a variety of disciplines which you can read about on our courses page, including martial arts, firearms, self-defense and home protection. We will also be posting articles on a regular basis — tips, hints, suggestions and thoughts on different subjects, including: