Home Safety

How to Throw Out Your Trash (and 9 Other Home Safety Tips)

Did'ya ever think you'd have to be taught how to throw out your trash?

Safeguard Yourself From Crime

We asked our friend to write a primer on home and personal safety measures you can take to safeguard yourself from crime.

Home Security for Under Ten Bucks?

If you do not already have a comprehensive home security system (and safety plan) in place, you should absolutely consider one. Enter, a home security idea for under ten bucks.

Join Our New Google+ Community

As NJPDA ramps things up for 2013, I’ve created a new Google+ community called “Personal Defense and Protecting Others.” I envision this community being a great resource for instructors, students and interested citizens alike. Organic is the key, and so over time the community will itself dictate how it’s used and what information is […]