Personal Defense / Protection / Security

How to Get Punched in the Face

I started training in the martial arts at the age of four. To this day, I'm convinced that my parents signed me up at that young age because they knew I was going to get my ass kicked a lot.

Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry (EDC) has become an ubiquitous term in the personal defense community, spawning a micro-culture of products dedicated to daily protection.

Train Like You Fight, Because You’ll Fight Like You Train

I have very fond memories of my early martial arts training experiences. The majority of my development as a martial artist in my youth was spent doing Goju Ryu and Tae Kwon Do, both of which are heavy in the kicking and punching department. While I am grateful for the amount of hours spent on the mat working through one-step and three-step sparring drills to build muscle memory, it took many years to realize that the training I had been doing for such a long time was, in reality, going to get me seriously injured (or perhaps even killed) if I ever had to protect myself in real life.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Training “Techniques”

At a recent Women’s Empowerment Workshop where I had just finished teaching a two-hour session covering Systema for self-defense, one of the participants asked, "What is the main difference between Russian Martial Art and other forms of martial art?" I responded by saying that in RMA we do not study techniques, per se, but rather we study concepts and principles, and ways to manipulate a human being so that an appropriate response can be improvised on demand for any situation given the unique circumstances of that particular situation.

Stupid Things. Stupid Places. Stupid People.

Ah, kids these days; the (not so) innocence of youth and the desire to go out with friends and do really dumb shit. Awareness typically goes right out the window, and peer pressure has an amazing ability to wipe common sense from our minds. It is unfortunate how many tragedies occur due to a temporary (hopefully only temporary, anyway...) lapse of common sense. Though I certainly don't advocate living a monastic lifestyle and never having any fun, there is a saying that I'm quite fond of that gets to the heart of my point:

Five Tips for Increasing Your Personal Security

There is nothing more important than your personal security and the safety of your loved ones. I and my fellow NJPDA instructors have said this so many times even in the short amount of time we've been live, you're probably sick of hearing it. But, it needs to be said over and over and over again.

The Most Neglected Aspect of Your Personal Protection

There’s an insidious threat stalking America, along with most of the modern, westernized world. The police cannot protect you from it. The military cannot assault it. Your government can’t ban it. Your doctor can’t prescribe anything to alleviate it (although they may try!)

Safeguard Yourself From Crime

We asked our friend to write a primer on home and personal safety measures you can take to safeguard yourself from crime.

Pronia and Abdication

If you ask any person, “would you protect yourself if attacked?” or “would you protect a loved one from violence?” the answer is usually YES! But ask that same person to keep in shape, dedicate some time to study with a qualified teacher of combatives/martial arts, or simply set some time aside to visit a seminar or training course on the subject and pretty quickly you will see the positive numbers drop.

Women’s Self Defense, or Just Self Defense?

Walk into any martial arts dojo and you'll most likely see flyers and class times set aside specifically for "women's self defense." There is an unfortunate and certainly undeserving stigma associated with being a woman and learning ways to defend oneself. Martial arts instructors often fall into the trap of thinking women are weaker and more afraid and, therefore, need a special set of techniques and training to protect against big, bad, scary men who wish to do them harm. Hogwash.