Home security is on everyone’s mind lately. It’s certainly understandable; all of the public and private stressors seem to be converging to a worldwide tipping point. If you do not already have a comprehensive home security system (and safety plan) in place, you should absolutely consider one. But while the prospect may seem like a daunting one, don’t potential cost or fear deter you from also implementing common sense, every day solutions that can either enhance your current system or become a simple start to something more comprehensive.

Enter, a home security idea for under ten bucks.

Yes, it’s that simple.

The common rubber door stop is something we see all the time. But, we usually think of it as a solution for keeping doors open; most people never consider it as a tool for keeping doors closed!

Now let’s be reasonable… this is not something that will keep a criminal from getting into your house if he really wants to. What it will do, however, is give you and your family a few precious extra seconds you need to get to a safe place and call 911 for help. (A good shotgun or other suitable firearm for home defense wouldn’t hurt, either!)

For less than ten dollars each you can put these on your front door, back door, the door leading to your garage, and have one handy for your bedroom and kids’ bedrooms as well.

To reiterate, I don’t suggest this be the ONLY home security solution you have in place. However, you can’t dispute its potential considering the cost.