Primarily for beginner handgun students or those who need a refresher, our NRA Basic Pistol Course is a great introduction to the safe and fun operation of handguns. Following the National Rifle Association’s course curriculum, our instructors work with each person to ensure all who complete the course have a solid understanding of handgun fundamentals.

In This Course, Students Learn:

  • Safety rules
  • Parts of a handgun (revolver and semi-automatic)
  • Types of Ammunition
  • Sight alignment, sight picture
  • Stance, grip, posture, shooting positions
  • Eye dominance
  • Trigger control

Students have the opportunity for live-firing a handgun at the completion of the course. (Calibers and handgun types vary depending on instructor and location.) The NRA Basic Pistol Course is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about handguns and get hands-on experience at the same time.

Enroll In Your NRA Basic Pistol Course Today

Please contact us to schedule your NRA Basic Pistol Course. We also offer the NRA First Steps Pistol Course, which is shorter and less in-depth than the NRA Basic Pistol Course. For those interested in further training, try one of our “Confidence” courses!

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