Confidence. That is what it comes down to; having tools that instill confidence in knowing the proper way to handle and use a firearm. Whether for personal protection or home defense, the need for real-world training in shooting a pistol is paramount.

Our Pistol Confidence I course goes beyond the standard NRA handgun training. In this course, students expand their proficiency in shooting a handgun through a variety of drills and exercises.

Course Details

Prerequisite: Successful completion of either NRA First Steps Pistol or NRA Basic Pistol course
Class Size:
1-6 people (can accommodate more for private groups)
Cost: $300
Duration:  4 hours
Required Equipment:  pistol, three magazines (NJ legal), 400 rounds ammunition, knee pads, magazine holster(s), hat, eye and ear protection, weather-appropriate clothing

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Please contact us to schedule this course. We also offer the NRA First Steps Pistol and NRA Basic Pistol courses.

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