New Jersey Personal Defense Academy instructors are available for private lessons. We recognize that individuals’ needs are unique and schedules can be hard to maintain consistent training regimens. For those people we offer the flexibility to learn according to their specific goals and schedules.

Sometimes it is hard for potential students to know precisely what they are interested in learning; they just know that they need something in the area of self defense or martial arts training. We are happy to consult with you at no cost to determine what it is you are looking for and create a personalized curriculum to work from. Though we advocate a steady, regular training regimen, we recognize that may not be possible for all students and, therefore, offer private one-time lessons in addition to regularly scheduled sessions.

Private Lesson Suggestions

  • Self Defense, Personal Protection
  • Protecting Self and Others
  • Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation
  • Traditional Martial Arts (empty hand and weapons)
  • Fireams Training (pistol, shotgun, rifle, carbine)
  • Situational Awareness

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. We will work with you to address whatever needs you have for private instruction.

Schedule Your Private Lesson

If you are interested in private lessons with one of our instructors, please contact us. We also have group workshop and seminars for groups interested in training specific areas of interest.