Need rifle lessons? Our Rifle Confidence I course offers hands-on, fundamental instruction in the art of rifle marksmanship. Whether you are a hunter or recreational target shooter, New Jersey Personal Defense Academy provides you with the tools you need to enjoy your sport.

In the world of firearms today, the rifle seems to take a back seat to other, more popular models such as the handgun and AR. Despite appearances, it still remains the most time-tested, reliable shooting platform. In Rifle Confidence I, we start with the basics, we work with students and promote positive shooting habits while progressing through challenging yet fun exercises. Not only will you get top-notch instruction, but you’ll have fun learning how to shoot at the same time!

This course emphasizes actual shooting instead of lecture like many other schools; the majority of the time in this course is spent behind the rifle, getting consistent hits on the target  and adapting to changes in environment that affect good shot placement.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Firearms safety
  • Parts of a rifle
  • Stances and positions
  • Sight alignment, sight picture
  • Eye dominance
  • Sighting in optics
  • Shot placement
  • Skills Drills

Course Details

Class Size: 1-6 people (can accommodate more for private groups)
Cost: $300
Duration:  4 hours
Required Equipment:  rifle, 100 rounds ammunition, knee pads, hat, eye and ear protection, weather-appropriate clothing.

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