All self defense and personal protection classes are being taught as the Bujinkan Tabiji Dōjō


Self defense is much more than a group of pre-defined techniques. It is also a mindset, a tactical approach for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from physical and psychological harm. Our training is unique; while certainly the emphasis is on development of physical protection skills, we use these skills through safe and ethically tactical methods. While this may appear counter-intuitive to most other schools and systems of protection (which promote maximum damage and hyper-violent “realism”) , we have found that the ethics/tactics/techniques approach is more effective and helps to reduce post-traumatic stress that manifests after dangerous encounters.

Stated simply, we are not in the business of churning out overly-aggressive students who lack the ability or acuity to prevent further violence upon those who wish to do harm. Doing just enough to end the confrontation is the goal.

Elements of our Self Defense, Personal Protection Training:

  • Physical Skills
  • Situation and Tactical Awareness
  • Protection of Self and Others
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Violence De-Escalation