Home defense, hunting and target shooting; the shotgun excels at all three. While most experts agree that shotguns are the premiere home protection firearm, there is not much of a call for appropriate training in its use. We, however, feel that shotgun lessons where students learn how to effectively use this preferred defense tool is paramount. That is why we created the Shotgun Confidence I course.

Building upon the basics taught in our NRA Shotgun programs we offer, Shotgun Confidence I goes further to increase the applicable skills of handling a shotgun. Everything from sight picture and alignment, body position, reloading, tactical movement, awareness and many other skills are covered. We also put our student’s new-found knowledge to the test by taking them onto the skeet range to try their hand at shooting some sporting clays; a great way to solidify what was taught and have some fun at the same time!

Topics Covered Include:

  • Stance, grip, posture, shooting positions
  • Tactical movement
  • Admin, Tactical and speed reloading
  • Shooting moving targets
  • Malfunctions
  • Speed and Accuracy drills

Course Details

Prerequisite: Successful completion of either the First Steps Shotgun or Basic Shotgun courses
Class Size: 1-6 people (can accommodate more for private groups)
Cost: $300
Duration:  4 hours
Required Equipment:  shotgun, 100 rounds ammunition, hat, eye and ear protection, weather-appropriate clothing

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