Ah, kids these days; the (not so) innocence of youth and the desire to go out with friends and do really dumb shit.

Awareness typically goes right out the window, and peer pressure has an amazing ability to wipe common sense from our minds. It is unfortunate how many tragedies occur due to a temporary (hopefully only temporary, anyway…) lapse of common sense. Though I certainly don’t advocate living a monastic lifestyle and never having any fun, there is a saying that I’m quite fond of that gets to the heart of my point:

Don’t do stupid things in stupid places with stupid people.

(Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for this great saying. That goes to Frank Sharpe, Jr. of Fortress Defense Consultants.)

As simple and dumb, frankly, as it sounds, the best way to avoid dangerous situations is to not get into them to begin with:

  • Do you really need to park all the way at the far corner of the dark parking lot because you absolutely must have that new pair of shoes or video game?
  • Do you really need to take the shortcut down the alley because your feet hurt? (Probably because you absolutely had to have that new pair of shoes.)
  • Do you really think it wise to ditch your friends to hang out with the hot guy/girl you met three minutes ago at the bar?
  • Do you really think you should drive after several glasses of wine?
  • Do you really need to run the yellow light so you don’t have to wait another three minutes?

Don’t do stupid things in stupid places with stupid people.

I realize that some of those things seem mundane and pants-in-a-bunch award worthy, but when you take a look at the statistics and actually consider how many accidents and fatalities occur as a result of people doing stupid or reckless things, it should make you think twice.

As adults, many of the situations I mentioned may seem like they don’t apply; it’s not like married folks in their 40s or 50s are picking people up in bars. But, how about the person who, instead of going past the turn they missed and turning around when it’s safe, decides to slam on the brakes and slide across two lanes of traffic because they absolutely can’t fathom the concept of a jug handle or U-Turn? I’ve seen that so many times it seems like it’s taught in driving school!

How about being the passenger in a car while the driver plays with the radio, texts their wife and reaches in the back seat for something?

Don’t do stupid things in stupid places with stupid people.

Look, everyone, this is common sense. It’s a shame that I even have to write articles about common sense, but such is the way of the world right now. Before you go out next time, think for a minute about what you’re doing, where you are going, and who you’re going with. I’m not saying you can’t have fun, but have fun and be safe at the same time.