There’s an insidious threat stalking America, along with most of the modern, westernized world.  The police cannot protect you from it.  The military cannot assault it.  Your government can’t ban it.  Your doctor can’t prescribe anything to alleviate it (although they may try!) Yet this threat is several times more deadly than all the crazed criminals with illegal assault weapons combined.  This danger imperils the very fabric of our existence yet most of us sit back like a frog in a slowly boiling pot of water, doing nothing, taking no action, allowing it to slowly consume us.

Have I scared you yet?  I hope so.

The saddest part about it is that confronting and destroying this threat is entirely under our control.  That being said, the greatest and most optimistic part about it is also that confronting and destroying this threat is entirely under our control.

What is this treacherous threat living among us?

It’s a condition I have termed, Physical Laziness.  Truth be told, many of the people afflicted by this condition are NOT what we would traditionally call, “lazy”.  They are busy professionals who are highly skilled in their fields, very successful business men and women.  They are parents who struggle to maintain a work-life balance with their kids.  They are you and me.  I use the term Physical Laziness to separate out this one specific form of laziness that applies in this very narrow context.

What is it and why is it so dangerous?

Physical Laziness refers to the quality in which the subject meets all other duties and responsibilities including, familial, professional, and social, but fails to adequately take care of their own physical fitness, of which both exercise and nutrition are subsets.  The consequences of such inaction cause the person to be at a significantly higher risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, metabolic syndrome, lowered immune response, to name but a few… all of which may result in a decreased life span or at least  diminished quality of life.

Physical Laziness is the number one threat to your health and perhaps your very existence.  You see:

  • You may train in martial arts for decades and never be attacked…
  • You may be a police officer for twenty years and never fire your service weapon in the line of duty…
  • You may be active military and never see combat…
  • You may fly frequently and never experience an in-flight emergency…
  • You may drive a car until well past retirement age and never be in an accident…

Yet you are confronted by the threat of Physical Laziness on a DAILY basis.  Read that again!  This is the ONLY danger that assaults you every day that is 100% under your control.

So what can you do about it?

The first thing you must do is realize that physical fitness is your number one weapon of personal protection.  Health and fitness are your primary mode of self-defense.  It starts with you.

As I discussed in my article on Time to Reorganize Priorities, you must schedule your fitness for what gets scheduled gets done.  Start small.  Build slowly.  It took a long time and a great amount of effort to get into a deconditioned state.  It will take time and effort to pull yourself out of it.  Steer clear of the quick fixes.  Consistency of effort alone is the only “quick” fix that works and lasts.

Additionally, look for opportunities every day for exercise within your daily routine.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Park in the last spot in the parking lot instead of the first one.  Get up from your desk more frequently and move around.  Take your conference calls standing and do squats while no one is watching.  Go for a walk at lunch – who cares if it’s cold outside.  The cold temperature will wake you up and also cause your body to work harder warming you thus burning more calories.  Think outside the box!  There is a solution to every problem.  Don’t place limits on yourself!